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A success story
LED Technologies Pty. Ltd. 7 years of operation has seen a tremendous development in LED products.
Since our first designed square series lamp we are proud to announce that we have designed, developed and manufactured more than 60 different new product lines. These added to the existing range now provide our customers with over 100 different LED products ranging from stop/tail, indicator, reverse and their combinations, marker lamps, interior to marine lamps, work, emergency and daytime running lamps.

Our products are made in Taiwan under ISO 9001 to our strict instructions, we also manufacture certain products in Australia.

Printed circuit board manufacturing:
As with any electronic parts great care needs to be taken in the manufacturing process which includes component quality, assurance of same components throughout product life and the use of conformal coating or encapsulation which protects LED's and the PCB from the environment.
Resins and glues:
In 2005 LED Technologies along with its manufacturer developed a specially formulated resin that dissipates heat has strong adhesive properties and does not crack or shrink over time. This we use in all our automotive products. This is very important, and something you should be aware of when purchasing a product other than our LED Autolamps brand.

Lenses, frames and bases:
Much has been advertised by companies claiming polycarbonate as the best material to be used for LED lenses. This is not correct; great research has gone into the materials we use and the acrylic in our applications is far superior. Polycarbonate applications we suggest is better used for the mining industry; this is also the general consensus by the industry leaders.

Lifetime warranty since 2007:
Don’t be fooled by product copier’s and companies without an LED track record. Failure rates are high.
Stick with LED Autolamps, minimum automotive warranty is 5 years with several of our products having a lifetime warranty.

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The Federal Court recently handed down a decision in the case of LED Technologies Pty Ltd v Elecspess Pty Ltd, Ren Pty Ltd, Olsen Pty Ltd and Advanced Automotive Australia Pty Ltd, which highlights the benefit of obtaining design registrations for any new products. The case was also one of the first to consider the infringement test under the new Designs Act 2003.
LED Technologies is a manufacturer and importer of automotive LED products. It developed and designed a new and distinctive looking square shaped automotive tail lamp which it manufactured in Taiwan and obtained Design Registrations for its design. Elecspess obtained a similar looking, but not identical, product made in China branded ''CONDOR'' and subsequently offered it for sale in Australia. LED Technologies Pty Ltd brought an action against Elecspess and other's for design infringement.

Justice Gordon of the Federal Court of Australia ruled in favour of LED Technologies and awarded injunctions preventing further sales, and awarded $200,000 in damages and legal cost's expected to be upto $1,200,000. In her judgment, Justice Gordon considered and found that any product which embodied designs that are"substantially similar in overall impression" to a registered design would infringe the design registrations. The product does not have to be identical to the design registration. In assessing the similarities, the Court would only have regard to the visible features of the design and would do this by looking at both the infringing product and the registered design. Accordingly, the material used to manufacture the product or the inner workings of the product is irrelevant for design infringement purposes.

The Full Federal Court comprising Justice Jessup, Justice Besanko and Justice Emmett dismissed Elecspess and others' appeal from Justice Gordon's ruling that it had infringed LED Technologies' registered design for combination LED lights used as rear lights for trailers, trucks, buses, caravans and other vehicles.
This is the first substantive decision by a Full Court on the new regime introduced by the Designs Act 2003.


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